This afternoon I went with a friend to see the film, “The Road to Guantanamo”. I had no particular knowledge of the film or expectations for it. Now I know better. “The Road to Guantanamo” is a blow torch that peels off the veneer of Bush’s war in Afghanistan. The story is simple. A half dozen clean-cut young Pakistanis (three of whom have been living in England)make their way to Afghanistan for the wedding of one of their group. Through a series of mischances and mistakes they fall into the hands of the American led coalition forces. The next months are a nightmare of torture, brutality and isolation ending with their being flown to the nefarious American military prison in Cuba for more torture, brutality and isolation. After months more of this inhumane treatment they are flown back to the UK without being charged much less convicted of anything. Who are the real war lords? Which leaders should be charged under the Geneva conventions? And which gangsters are Canadians fighting for over there?


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