June 16, 2006

Watched a remarkable program last night on gays.  Larry King had a panel of six ranging from Bishop Eugene Robinson, a gay Episcopalian, who lives with his partner to an Episcopalian Canon who says flatly gay sex is condemned by Christ (who never spoke of it once) and is a moral abomination.

   Episcopal Bishop Griswold made the excellent point that our knowledge of sexual relations has developed enormously since the Scriptures were written and it would be as foolish to ignore that development as it would be to ignore the advances in cosmology from a three-decker world.

   The New Republican editor, Andrew Sullivan, who is a gay Catholic urged his gay Catholic compatriots to remain in the Church no matter what and claim their heritage for themselves.

    The Catholic priest on the program sounded compassionate but stuck to the hard line that gay sex is perverted.

     It is astonishing the depths of animosity and hatred that the subject of pay sex provokes.


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