Karl Rove

It’s easy to make jokes about Karl Rove.  But, make no mistake, Karl Rove is no joke.

Just consider two of his decisions:

In the last federal election in 2000, Karl Rove and his political brains trust decided that the strongest thing John Kerry had going for him was his splendid record as a decorated veteran of the Viet Nam war.  So what did Rove decide to do.  He decided to attack Kerry on his strongest point.  What happened?   Rove and his party so distorted Kerry’s war record that they destroyed him as a credible candidate.  The rest is history.

Secondly.  Rove has now decided that the Iraq war is the strongest issue the Democrats have going for them this November.   So what has he decided to do?  He has decided to attack his opponents right on the nose and to do this he has framed the Iraq war issue this way.  The Republicans want to stay the course;  the Democrats  (already badly split on the issue) want to cut and run.

Framed that way, Rove could turn the Iraq war into a winner for the Republicans, just as he turned John Kerry into a loser for the Democrats.

We make jokes about Karl Rove at our peril.


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