Let’s Multilogue

After a summer hiatus I am now back in business and am looking forward to your comments on Afghanistan (do you support the NDP’s call to pull the Canadian troops out); Pope Benedict’s comments on Canada’s Catholic politicians (are they obliged to vote against same sex marriage and abortion?); and do you think we are safer now in North America than before 9/11?  By the way did anybody see the CBC’s take on 9/11 titled « The Falling Man »?  Very graphic. Hope to hear from some of you at least.



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    Just for fun I thought I’d make a comment on my own posting and add a word on Tony Blair. A long time ago now I was a Blair fan but I’m afraid he’s made some big goofs (the Iraq war) and has over stayed his welcome. Gordon Brown, his finance minister, can hardly wait to usher Tony out the door and the twnesion between the two men is tearing the Labour party to pieces. Polls now show that David Cameron and the Conservatives would win an election today. We’ve already seen this film in Canada. Perhps the Brits should watch out.

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    Barbara Says:

    Did you see the MARVELOUS documentary by the Naudet brothers who embedded themselves with a firehouse in downtown Manhattan not long before 9/11. It was very touching, very close up and personal, while being respectful. They mentioned how Fr. Mychal Judge was victim 001 and he was laid on the altar of St. Peter’s church. He was in the documentary, too, in the lobby of one of the Towers with the firemen.

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    Neil McKenty Says:

    I saw the moving documentary on ABC about the fire company from New York. Somehow, it gave the impressionm not of looking in on the tragedy but of looking out from the heart of darkness. The CBC also had a marvellous doc. called « The Falling Man » concentrating on those who decided to jum from the burning buildings.

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