Who will be the new Liberal leader?

On Sunday, Oct. 1, I plan to attend the meeting to select delegates to the Liberal leadership convention in early December.  I will be up front on this and say that I intend to support Stephan Dion. I first encountered him years ago when he made a speech at Concordia in the 1995 referendum campaign. His logic and his passion blew me away. I told him so the other evening when I attended one of his fund raisers in Old Montreal. 

      I think Dion has the brains, the temperament and the policies lead his party and his country. He is especially sound on tne environment and climate change which will bethe salient issues in the coming years. And of course he has the invaluable experience of having held several senior poisitions in the federal cabinet.  I don’t think any other candidate can match him.  Do you?


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    mmm, how much does this blog software cost? if i may ask.

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