With Billions in the Kitty should Harper be slashing social programs?

The Conservative government, rolling in billions, has announced cuts to programs to promote adult literacy, youth employment and social development. Programs eliminated totally including projects on medical marijuana and a courts challenge project. The Status of Women had its grant sharply reduced.  Is that what most Canadians want – slashing programs that mostly help the disadvantaged while building up a huge surplus?  It seems a curious way to advance social justice in this country. 



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    jim Says:

    Question of the day –

    If Blair sided with Bush over Iraq it may be because the UK owed the US a favour. The US secretly helped with
    intelligence info on the Falkland Islands fiasco. Blair returned the favour because the UK may need the US in the future. Too bad – Labour will lose the next election but the people will win. Bush will hear the roar of the voting machines in the UK. The message will be that Blair did his duty but Bush, we don’t need anymore and neither will your own people as they will take away the senate and house this November.

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    Jim, I think you may be right on this one. Certainly, in terms of getting the UK solidly into the Iraq war, it wouldseem Bush was calling in some chit.

    Unless the Labour party can straighten out its succession, there may be a repeat of what happened in Canada. A not especially popular Labour candidate will succeed (not necessarily Gordon Brown) and he will be whomped by David Cameron and the Conservatives. If, as you say, the Democrats win both houses in November, watch for impeachment proceedings to begin.

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