Should Liberal Delegates Choose Stephan Dion?

This weekend Liberal delegates will be meeting across the country to choose slates of delegates to go to the Liberal leadership convention in early December. I will be attending the meeting in Westmount-Ville Marie and I will be supporting Stephan Dion.

       Of the three leading leadership candidates (the other two being Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff), Dion, in my view, is clearly the best.  He is bilingual, stresses the environment and has more cabit exerience than the other two candidates combined.  Above all, he has an in-depth knowledge of our situation here in Quebec that the other two lack.  If the PQ win the next provincial election (likely) andcall for another referendum (certain), who would you like to head the federalist forces?  No contest.  It’s Dion all the way.  It’s interesting that today the Gazette came out four square in favour of Dion.  If you are a member of the Liberal party be sure to attend your delegate selection meeting this week-end and vote for Dion.


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    Matthew Cope Says:

    I met Dion at a private fundraiser last week and he impressed me — or rather his ideas and sincerity impressed me. However, he is deficient in the charisma department, unfortunately, and that will work against him. The best of a lacklustre bunch.

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