Should the RCMP Commissioner Resign or be fired?

Information collected by the RCMP was collected and transmitted to the FBI and it was on the basis of this information that the American police sent Mr. Arar to Syria where he was barbarously tortured and languished in a dank prison cell for longer than a year.

        Even when the mounties realized they had nothing on him they did not to clear his name. Aver after Mr. Arar returned to Canada and proclaimed his innocence the head of the mounties kept silent in the face of Mr. Arar’s cries for justice.  Only when Judge O’Connor nailed the mounties to the wall, did the commissioner speak up and publicly apologize. He is sorry but he will not take accountability, he will not resign. No a single mountie has resigned as a result of this shameful episode in Canadian history.  In fact the mountie’s who were engaged in this frameup of an innocent citizen has been promoted and given medals.

           Let’s cut to the chase in this malodorous affair.  The Commissioner of the mounties should resign forthwith and if he does not the government should fire him. 


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