Stephen Harper »s Conservative government is trying to cobble together a policy to deal with climate change.  Granted there is a great deal of ballyhoo on this issue – much of it smoke and mirrors.

I’m not suggesting climate change is not a real concern.  Of course it is. But isn’t trying to stop it a little like the king trying to stop the water at the water’s edge?  Isn’t the real issue, not climate change but how we adjust to it.  If it’s going to happen anyway should we not prepare for it rather than throwing billions after an illusory cure>



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    phrenseed Says:

    Mr. Mc. You are confused with recycling. Recycling requires the use of more nonrenewable energy than it saves. Climate change is like smoking in the nursery when your kids are infants. We can treat the little tots for asthma, emphysema, low intelligence, meager body weight; and everyone will know they are your progeny. They will die before you because their physiology has not adapted to poor air quality and in your childhood there was cleaner air to breathe. They will not take care of you in your old age. You can adjust to that… I am sure. Hey! Next time you get the impulse, pedal to the metal: I am working on a formula to calculate how many gallons of gasoline each soldier’s life buys us in the middle east – and that’s only because the oil companies and Detroit et al, didn’t want a clean air, public transporation alternative. I can adjust to that, too.

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    SUZANNE Says:

    Every so often, the MSM comes up with a new « apocalypse ». Sometimes it’s population explosion. Sometimes it’s Nuclear War (although that was a bona fide threat). Sometimes it’s an ice age.

    The truth is: we’ll adapt.

    Thank you for an ounce of common sense.

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    Interesting comment. Le us know when you figure out how many gallons to a miitary fatality.

  4. 4

    Phrenseed: maybe you will find useful data here:

    It is a thesis by Arnd Bernaerts about the way naval war changes climate and it has many information that you might find interesting

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