Former premier Lucien Bouchard says Quebecers don’t work as hard as Ontarians or Americans: « We need to work more.  We don’t work enough. »

Most business leaders agree.  Figures show Quebecers work 200 hours less annually than other North American workers.

Union leaders and social workers agree Quebecers do work less but this means they spend more quality time with their families.  This is their deliberate choice and it is the right one. Do you agree?



  1. 1
    SUZANNE Says:

    They’re probably no worse than anyone else. I suspect that many Quebeckers work in the public sector has something to do with it. You can get away with slacking off more, but that’s human nature.

    I work as a receptionist at an Ontario government office during the Mike Harris years. You don’t get away with slacking off, let me tell you– especially when you’re a temp.

  2. 2
    Barbara Says:

    I am one of the much-maligned cegep teachers in the public sector. The government, in an attempt to keep public sector expenses and taxes under control, has, over the years, dumped work on teachers that would have ordinarily gone to support staff and administration. If you are hard-working and conscientious, you can easily get burned out. I take a reduced workload (3/4) one semester each year to keep my blood pressure down and my stress levels tolerable. For what we are paid, it is very hard work.
    Yes, we do get long vacations, but after the school year is over, I spend a lot of time recuperating in bed. Then there is the next year to prepare for. With all the changes the Ministry imposes on us, we end up re-doing our courses frequently. This Saturday, I am expected to spend the entire day at Open House, answering questions about the Honours Science program and the difference between us and Marianopolis. No extra pay for that, although the College is kind enough to give us a light lunch, a supply of water and a raffle for a gift basket.
    Yes, there are some who don’t work so hard. I see that everywhere, however.
    What bothers me is our being the lowest paid teachers in Canada. It is increasingly difficult to hire and retain qualified teachers. People with better salaries, better health plans (WE pay for our own, by the way), yet shorter vacations are not scrambling for these « cushy » public sector jobs.

  3. 3
    SUZANNE Says:

    I think teachers are a different category. I was thinking of office workers in ministries. My husband and I have had a few of those, both as students and as « independents ». We’ve seen some pretty horrific slacking.

  4. 4

    French Quebecers at my work know the union rules better than they know how to do their job, give you and idea? Families?! you are talking about French Quebecers right? they don’t believe in family for them it’s 5 a 7 and im never getting married just have all kinds of bastard children im too lazy to work for them anyway, but no worries « mon oncle » will hook me up with a nice full benefit government job where I can slack off and get paid 30 something bucks an hour while the immigrants who built the fucking docks and railways and everything that made Quebec worth something do all the work. That’s what French Quebecers are like, also they piss and moan about saving their language(which isn’t theirs in the first place) and protecting their culture (they have none) that about sums it up.

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