A young Malawi farmer named Banda placed his baby son in an orphanage because he could not afford to take care of him and the boy’s mother had died.  Mr. Banda planned to remarry and get his son back from the orphanage when the boy was in better health.

     Then Madonna swooped in, cut through the red tape and took the baby back to England.   Why didn’t she give Mr. Banda the money necessary to look after his son at home? Or could she not have found a baby whose parents were deceased?

      What right does a fading multi-millionaire celebrity have to snatch a baby from its family and its culture?



  1. 1
    SUZANNE Says:

    I don’t think there’s an obvious answer to this one. I’m sure Madonna was not trying to be mean or arrogant in adopting a baby. Doesn’t she support the orphanage to begin with?

    I don’t think we can expect Madonna to remedy all the structural issues that led to this one man having to give up his son.

    I guess the final say should be with the dad. I really feel for him.

  2. 2
    Sharon Says:

    I guess being a celebrity does come with some advantages. Who knows what the future would have held for this child. If and when the Father would actually be able to provide him with a stable and healthy environment. It is sad that he cannot stay in his own country and with his own parent, but given the same situation without any hesitation I would make that have to make that sacrifice.

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