Without warning or any public consultation, Mayor Tremblay has announced that Park Avenue (the name is associated with Mount Royal Park and goes back more than a century to 1883) will be no more to be replaced by Bourassa in honour of the former premier.

       Should this cause any upset?  After all, Dorchester was rubbed out in favour of another premier, Rene Levesque.   No fuss, no muss.  So why not Bourassa Avenue?  It will cost a piddling $16,000 to change the street signs.  In a relatively short time, we’ll all hail a taxi to take us to a Bourassa address.   I knew Robert Bourassa reasonably well.   I think he deserves a commemoration.   Bourassa for Park seems like a reasonable exchange.  



  1. 1
    Barbara Says:

    Was it Josh Freed who suggested we select one thoroughfare and call it the Avenue of the Dead Politicians and put up commemorative plaques to honour Prime Ministers when they pass on?
    It’s a Quebecois thing. To my recollection, in the States, when a prominent politician is deemed worthy of commemoration, they USUALLY wait until something is built and then name it after him. One exception I can think of immediately is the renaming of Idlewild to Kennedy Airport. Few of us today remember Idlewild, less why it was called that.

  2. 2
    Matthew Cope Says:

    Tempest in a teapot. There’s always a lot of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth whenever this kind of thing is proposed. And then it dies down. There must be dozens of streets that have had their names changed in Montreal — some more than once — and eventually we all get over it. I still call the airport « Dorval » — but I’ve been calling Dorchester « René Lévesque » for years. And in this case, it’s not as though some long-forgotten Anglo is being booted aside for a separatist. Still, I suppose it will give the Tommy Schnurmacher Show and Kevin and Trudy something to get exercised about for a few days (yawn).

  3. 3
    Nikolaos kARABINERIS Says:

    It was with great sorrow and a heavy heart that I heard the news from the dictatorship at Montreal City Hall. They have taken upon themselves, without any public consultation to change the name of my beloved Park Avenue to Robert Bourassa Ave. Mayor Tremblay and his puppets secretly planed to impose the will of a political party’s French majority onto the most culturally diverse street in the heart of a great city. Going against the vast majority of Park Avenue’s residents and business owner’s. Opposing the wishes of Bourassa’s family to rename St. Joseph Blvd., where Bourassa grew up, claiming it would bring opposition from the Catholic Church. Ignorant to the fact that a short block away Laurier Ave. was renamed from St. Louis Ave. in 1899, a time when the Catholic Church was at the height of it’s power.Stop the injustice and lend your support.I call upon all the citizens of Montreal to rise up and ensure that Park Avenue will live on forever!

  4. 4
    Alan Hustak Says:

    would somebody lighten up. If Rene Levesque, who was a great premier for 9 years can have a major boulevard renamed for him, Surely Robert Bourassa, the youngest premier ever elected, who served for 15 years, deserves equal recognition in the city.
    I still find it strange that the greatest prime minister in the country, Pierre Trudeau, hasn’t had a major artery named after him. Perhaps The Boulevard would be an ideal choice.
    Like Park Ave. The Boulevard is a totally generic name…Everyone blowing steam about dictatorial choices will probably vote for the same « dictator » the next election. Politicians are elected to make decisions. Bravo for this one, Gerald Tremblay.

  5. 5
    Nikolaos kARABINERIS Says:


    Please show your support by emailing City Hall.

    Maire :

    Comité exécutif : ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

    Conseillers : ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

  6. 6
    Nikolaos Karabineris Says:


    She’s turned her back on the neighbourhood where she grew up in, the day she got elected. It is apparent that she places the security of her job and her standing in the executive committee above the interest of her constituents. Fotopoulos is the MAYOR’S PUPPET, instead of being the voice of the people she has become a selfish, unapproachable autocrat who has lost her way. The only name she should be changing is her own, to Helen Puppetopulos. Come next election, let’s all cut her strings and send her back where she belongs.

  7. 7
    jim Says:

    If Rene had 9 years and Bourassa had 15 years in politics,should not the senior man have been named to grace Dorchester Boulevard or maybe we should transfer Rene to Mcdougall Ave where he was involved with a drinky-poo
    – a car – an accident – and a body.

  8. 8
    Jimmy Zoubris Says:

    Although I oppose the renaming of Park to Bourassa for historical and sentimental reasons, I believe the major issue is the lack of consultation on this issue and the many years of neglect we have been shown by the city. Fotopoulos and all the borough elected officials are useless to us if the Mayor doesnot even consult them on a fundemental democratic issue such as the renaming of a major street.
    This plan was so well thought out, that he didn’t even call a press conference to announce it. The Mayor was at another event in another borough and then he sprung it on the journalists.
    We have had too many promises made to us in the past on Park Avenue to trust City Hall when they say this is part of their plan to stimulate economic developement on Park.
    What the name has to do with that, I don’t understand either ????

    The local politicians are so unaware and indifferent to what is happening on Park, that my neighbour had to get firebombed 3 times, and the public outcry was so great, that they finally acted !!
    So much more can be said, but I’ve had over a week of bitching at local politicians that I seem to have runout of steam !!Monday I’ll start again and I promise I won’t stop until we remove Helen Fotopoulos and her cronies out of office !!

  9. 9
    Matthew Cope Says:

    I still think the name change is a tempest in a teapot, but what is NOT a tempest in a teapot is the way the city has handled this. When Tremblay showed up in Westmount to try and persuade the voters not to demerge he put on a smooth performance — and revealed himself to be an autocrat and a bully, flinging threats around and trying to scare people. He also packed the house with supporters bused in for the occasion — and the trick was exposed by an astute question from a Westmount resident.

    The one good thing that may come from this is that more people will see how secretive and autocratic his administration really is.

  10. 10
    Nikolaos Says:

    We have expressed our overwhelming opposition to the Park Avenue name change. Tens of thousands of us have signed petitions. Yet our pleas remain unheard. The mayor has turned a blind eye to the citizens of Montreal, refusing to acknowledge the vast aversion to the executive committees name change proposal. The Mayor’s only concession was to allow a so-called free vote on the issue. Assuring that after consulting their constituents, councillors will be allowed to vote their conscious, without the fear of reprisal. The mayor stated « This is democracy at it’s best ». Needless to say, the mayor is delusional. Exactly what is democratic in the way Montreal City Hall goes about changing the names of it’s beloved streets. They never consult the property owners, merchants or residents of the street that will have it’s name changed. The people who do business, live and raise their children on the street, have no say. They do not matter. Is this democracy? I think not. The whole process is fundamentally flawed and wreaks of injustice. Just because in the past streets have been obliterated in this manner, does not make it right. If the mayor has lost the ability to differentiate right from wrong, he should resign his position. A mayor must place the interests of the people first. Leaving his own personal views aside.

    Nikolaos Karabineris
    Native Montrealer & Park Avenue resident

  11. 11
    Mario Says:

    Obituary: Democracy will be deeply missed
    She lay there motionless in City hall, sprawled on the floor in clear view of everyone, breathing still on Tuesday morning; she was exhausted from the crowds of visitors the night before. Some loyal friends who claimed to have known her well were still at her side, hoping that she could still be saved.

    Some had spent the night praying; thousands had spent the weeks earlier searching for any solution, any compromise that would allow her to live. Pleading with the people in power to listen to their suggestions. But most pleas fell upon deaf ears. Every cold shoulder represented another nail in her coffin.

    Just before 1pm, in the great hall, we could feel her pulse was getting weaker. Her condition was deteriorating with each councilors vote. “Yes…yes…yes…” They were the final words she would hear before passing on.

    Mourners gasped in shock; slow to accept that she was gone. In the minutes that followed, some would even deny she ever existed. But they were wrong. She had existed, and in her time she was the most beautiful thing imaginable. Drawing people from all over the world to Montreal.

    And she exists still, in other places, helping people everyday. In her fairness, she is a guiding light, and perhaps someday she will return to Montreal. Perhaps she can even restore the Park Avenue name. But for now, this is my epitaph for Democracy in Montreal.

    Mario Rizzi

  12. 12
    Max Powers Says:

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  13. 13
    Alvin Moffat Says:

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  14. 14
    Al Coholic Says:

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