If not, grab your hat, clear your schedule and rush right out to see The Queen.  We all know Hellen Mirren is a superlative actess but in this stunning portrayal of Elizabeth VI she outdoes herself.  From an initial indifference to Diana’s death, Mirrenn deftly develops an empathy for Elizabeth, this old-fashioned woman perched so precariously at the top of her not so honoured throne.

       In magic that is beyond magic Mirren convinces us that Elizabeth’s impassivity and insensitivity arises largely from an entrenched belief that her ceremonial duty must be discharged untainted by partiality and unclouded by emotion.  Yet the death of a magnificent stag  unlocks the floodgates and brings her to true grief.

        Rush out an see The Queen.  Better still, take a friend



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    Matthew Cope Says:

    I just saw The Queen this afternoon… I couldn’t agree more.

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