This question is front and centre again.  Surely there is no doubt that in a sociological sense Quebec is a nation within Canada.  It has its own territory, its own language, its own culture, its own customs, theroots of its own religion and its own political institutions such as a national assembly and a national flag.  No one wouldargue that Prince Edward Island is a nation. But Quebec? Surely.  « Quebec is my nation, Canadian is my country. »  Pointe finale



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    Barbara Says:

    That’s the best way to put it, Neil. We talk about First Nations, don’t we? It is a concept that can be reconciled with the English language.

  2. 2
    Matthew Cope Says:

    In very many respects Quebec is a nation — just as Scotland is a nation. And Quebec has jurisdiction over all kinds of areas that Scotlans does not. In other words, it’s already *very* independent.

    The issue — it seems to me — is what constitutional arrangement can we strive for, what constitutional arrangement can we achieve — that will satisfy the majority in Quebec and Canada. And that’s a very, very difficult thing to determine.

    The separatists seem to be fighting a battle they’ve already won for the most part, and independence is an option that increasingly resonates only with an older generation. The younger generation of francophones have other preoccupations and priorities and more of a global outlook.

    I think we’re already at the point that the PQ is separatist in exactly the same way the Chinese Communist Party is communist — they parade one day a year and the rest of the time they get on with living.

  3. 3
    SUZANNE Says:

    French Canadians are a nation.

    Quebec is a province.

    We mustn’t be sucked in by separatist propaganda.

    I never considered myself a member of le peuple québécois when I lived in Quebec, but I do consider myself a Quebcker through and through by culture, not necessarily by language.

  4. 4
    Past. Says:

    « SUZANNE Says:
    November 4th, 2006 at 2:49 am
    French Canadians are a nation.

    Quebec is a province »

    To be nation, french Canadian must be gouverning an area unto which they can develop their respective culture and make it bloom. I understand, as a Québecer, how frustrating it can be to have into our « political system » a minority that refuse to cooperated and to move foward with the same values that we should share as canadians.

    I understand and feel it because Suzanne is a living example of the typical Montreal West-Islander, that refused to participate in creating a country with the same value. It is to understand that without the anglophone help (Gatineau, Hull, Cantons de L’est, Ville de Québec), Quebec will never be a country. And as of now, this is really the only apparrent reason the 1995 referedum was lost (we might also want to note sponsorship scandal but I would fear you would say this is not veriable and must be « separatist propaganda »)

    However this is sad to read such a comment from Suzanne, because the Province of Québec only reflect the nation’s common area. It could be the same for New-Brunswick and the Acadians or British Colombia… The French souvernist, french canadians nationalist, have choosen the Province of Québec because this is where we are, we live and work for our future!

    There is so much yet to mention about the half-political, half-philosophical crisis that is lying within Québec. We as Humans, Women and Men, should not waste our time on definitions but we should use it to build a better future for our kid and the future they will have to build.

    Is that to be in any language they will choose to share their feelings…

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