The main issue in the American mid-term elections is the debacle in Iraq.  It is Bush’s war and it looks now that he will pay a political price on Tuesday.  The Democrats need a 15 seat gain to take over the House.  It looks like they may gain 30.  They need a gain of six seats to take over the Senate.  My guess is they have a 50-50 chance of making it.  Winning both houses could lead to many tough investigations into the conduct of the war. It could also lead to calls to impeach Bush.    A powerful group has a petition going on the internet to impeach the president. Is there any chance of this happening?



  1. 1
    Barbara Says:

    I’ve got my fingers crossed and my ballot mailed in.
    Nancy Pelosi indicated that impeachment would not be considered. I agree with her. Americans do not like divisiveness and the country is far too polarized because of the previous impeachments and elections. Democrats would lose votes if they contemplated impeachment. As Pelosi said, a resounding Democratic victory in this mid-term election would send a stronger mesage directly from the people than an impeachment which could go either way and would tie up the country in legal issues while REAL problems need attention. And who would want Cheney as President?
    As for internet polls… I have never known an internet poll to have made any difference politically. It is too subject to « ballot-stuffing » to be treated with respect. Whoever this « powerful group » is, it is blowing smoke.
    I just hope the Democrats won’t blow it if and when they get control of Congress. It is not a party characterized by discipline.
    I can’t wait for Tuesday night!

  2. 2
    Matthew Cope Says:

    Win or lose (and I hope it’s win) the Dems have a much bigger problem to consider 2 years from now.

    Is Hillary Clinton really electable as president? Is Barack Obama? Who else do they have?

    What’s needed is someone who can *inspire* the electorate, and that isn’t another Howard Dean or another John Kerry.

  3. 3
    jim Says:

    Okay, it’s Wednesday. Dems have both houses, now what? Who needs it.Dems will vote no on some item but Bush who is above the law will do as he pleases. Dems will inherit massive debt. Impeachment won’t happen but Dems should use impeachment « speak » against the Reps as a whole, to prepare for ’08. Now, about Clinton and Obama, if the Dems can convince the women voters to get rid of their inherent resentments and for once in their life and for a greater cause could they not support another woman for a change. Right there one would have 40 million votes. Secondly, have Obama run as VP. There one has another 30 million black votes.Well we know this won’t happen – take for instance that in this day and age Obama is the first black male Democrat to be elected to the senate.Can you believe this? They are already picking on him by saying he has no foreign relations experience. The news, Messers Media, is that no one in the political history of the US has had this qualification – take Bush for example. Mr Bush do you remember « The Ugly American »?, you have rewritten it to read « The Ugly Americans » The sad part of this election is that the candidates are saying anything to be elected, forget about what the people need. jim

  4. 4
    Barbara Says:

    What the people need, Jim, is a Congress that undertakes its proper role in the USA’s checks and balances system of government. The last Congress was merely a rubber stamp for Bush, because they got elected on his coattails and through his cronies’ connivance.
    I hope we are beyond the day when women voted for a female candidate merely because of her gender or blacks voted for a black candidate merely because of his colour. The USA needs someone to inspire and bring it back to its roots and its true values.
    A Democratic Congress will inherit a humongous debt and a pile of Hobson’s choices. I hope they are up to it.
    Meanwhile, it is up to US voters to make those decisions. Thank goodness.

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