Last week George Bush said Donald Rumsfeld would be staying until the end of his second term.  Today Bush said he had a meeting with Rumsfed’s successor, Robert Gates, this past Sunday afternoon,  two days before the election results.  So what’s going on?  Who put so much pressure on Bush that he decided to dump Rumsfeld before the election?  My guess it was senior republicans like John McCain and John Warner.  Now there likely will be a change in the direction of the Iraq war when the Baker-Hamilton report comes out later this month.  At least I hope so. 


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    Barbara Says:

    Bush saw the handwriting on the wall. He couldn’t give Rumsfeld the oust during the campaign because it would send the message that Republicans were losing. That would be impolitic. No doubt Gates was lined up some time in advance.

    Rather than red and blue, most of the States are mauvish. The tide could go either way and this time the tide went out for Bush. I noticed that the Catholic vote swung in double digits away from the Republicans and toward the Democrats. This was significant in tight races such as in Virginia. No doubt the moral stench lingering about Washington and discontent with the war played a major role in swinging that vote.

    I don’t know how easy it will be to make major changes in the way the war is being waged in Iraq. Evidently, Gates is a person who can effect change and operates in a less contentious way than Rumsfeld. You must remember that the US can ill-afford to appear as a loser.
    Let’s hope this more Democratic Congress — and more centrist Democratic representatives — can wrest hold of their proper place in the American government in such a way that the people will not desert them in two years.

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