President Bush says he wants fresh thinking on Iraq.   A growing number of commentators now argue that the low scale civil war and the insurgency itself are caused by the presence of American troops.  More and more Iraqis resent what they perceive as the American occupation of their country.  Wouldn’t the withdrawal of American troops at a date certain remove the problem at one stroke?  Why wait any longer? 


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    Barbara Says:

    The tribal and religious conflicts that have developped into civil war in Iraq existed before the Americans stepped foot into the country. They will continue after the Americans leave. Ideally, the Iraqis should deal with their own internal problems.

    The Americans are resented, in part, because they did not provide the security and stability that the Iraqis hoped after the fall of Saddam.

    A gradual and strategic withdrawal should be considered. I worry that setting a date when all the troops leave will provide the forces of unrest in the country with a target date to launch an all-out civil war.
    Iraq deserves to be in a state where it can handle internal unrest on its own. It should be taking the job over zone by zone on a regular basis, while the Americans withdraw further from the hotspots or concentrate on a more and more limited number of hotspots.

    But talk is cheap. What do any of us really know?

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