Canada has three soldiers still living from the first world war, the oldest 106.  When the last Canadian soldier from WWI dies should he be given a state funeral?  This happened in Australia last year, a state funeral with full military honours.  No one has ever received a state funeral in Canada except prime ministers and governors-general.  Apparently some Canadians oppose a state funeral because they argue such public ceremonies simply glorify war and killing.  Do they have a case?  Would you favour a state funeral?


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    jim Says:

    I don’t know of anyone who would think that such a ceremony would glorify war or killing except for the village idiot.The idiots’ bias hasn’t allowed them to learn that it is preferred to injure the enemy rather than kill them as it take 4 more men to stretcher the injured soldier back to the rear echelon. Anyhow. some people in the military served in order to allow idiots the freedom to voice theit opinion. Too bad that every time they open their mouth they subtract from the fountain of human knowledge.

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