For the second day in a row Canada was given the « fossil » award at the Nairobi conference on climate change.  This award is given to the country that has contributed least to the fight against climate change.  In a ranking of 56 countries, Canada came 51st when it comes to environmental policies.  The enviornment minister, Rona Ambrose, who seems more interested in her hair than in climate change, is expected to receive a frosty reception when she arrives in Nairobi today.

Isn’t it hight time that Canada stepped up to the plate on climate change?


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    Another alarm signal that is pulled. Congratulations! I am very interested in the matter, as I am very shoked by the rapid changes that climate passes through.

    I share the opinion that the ocean and, by expanding, the war at sea and the ocean activity, have a great impact on the way the climate changes. In order to determine steps in stabilizing the climate, I guess we must first understand how we got in this situation in the first place. I have found an interesting, to say the least, thesis on the matter:, where A. Bernaerts has a synthesis of his booklet on Naval War changes Climate.

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