At their semi-annual meeting in Baltimore this week, America’s bishops published new guidlines for gay Catholics: 

-no    gay person is to discuss his/her homosexual tendencies with another member of their parish.  Homosexuality must be hidden.

Homosexual « inclinations » are inhererently » disordered, The bishops also speak out against same-sex marriage and adoptions by gay men and lesbians.  Homosexual acts are always gravely sinful.

The bishops who drew up the guidlines admitted they did not consult with gay men or lesbians about the policy.

In a second monitum or warning the bishops stated that heterosexual married Catholics may not use artificial birth control although their own document shows that only four per cent use natural family planning.

These are both blasts from the past but is anybody (including faithful) Catholics paying attention. Frances Kissling, president of Catholic for s Free Choice, write « Almost no one is looking to the bishops for guidance on concraception, sexuality and law making, and if the bishops continute making pronouncements such as those issued this week in Baltimore, theyr will find themselves increasingly isolated. »

As for the strictures on gays, does anyone seriously believe that a loving God created upwards of ten per cent of the human race to be intrinsically disordeed?  The very idea beggars belief.   In fact it is not hard to make the case the bishops are right up there with some of the most homophobic groups on the planet. 

Finally the bishop who developed these guidelines stated that gay Catholics who are not celibate and married Catholics who use artificial birth control should not received Holy Communion.   Will this develop a new cadre of conservative spies in the church whose buinsess it is to inform the authorities on delinquent gays and unfaithful couples?



  1. 1
    Barbara Says:

    I feel sorry for them, Neil. They are stuck between a Rock and hard place without the wit or grace to demonstrate the compassion of Christ. I wonder if any of them are self-loathing celibate homosexuals? Poor fellows.

    I guess they are fortunate (for the time being) that their churches are filled with postmenopausal widows. Doesn’t bode well for the future of the Church, alas.

  2. 2
    SUZANNE Says:

    Barbara, I don’t think you have any idea of what’s going on in the Church. The Church is being renewed, and it’s the churches with who are the most orthodox that are being renewed, and are filled with young couples with kids. That’s not the case for Quebec, though. The Church there is almost unanimously dissenting.

    Catholicism is not a democracy. Whether 1% or 100% do this or that, that’s not what matters. What matters is what has been revealed and what has been taught.

    Contraceptive behaviour has been condemned since the first century. So has homosexual behaviour.

    Therefore, by Sacred Tradition, the handing down of unwritten Revelation, both those things are sins.

    Frances Kissling is no real Catholic.
    A Catholic who favours legalized abortion can’t be taken seriously on issues of doctrine.

    There are plenty of people who ADMIT to using contraception and engaging in homosexual behaviour in the church. We don’t need spies. If they admit it publicly, that’s enough to deny them communion. Communion signifies being one with Christ and the Church, including of one mind on solemnly taught doctrines.

  3. 3
    Barbara Says:

    Then Jesus should not have shared His Body and Blood with all His Apostles at the Last Supper because some of them (if not all) were less than one with His solemnly stated intentions?

    At the Last Supper, didn’t Jesus emphasize washing of one another’s feet rather than allegiance to a book of dogma as what was necessary for sharing in His meal?

    As for renewal, Suzanne, I realize my limitations. I only know what I observe in church and what I hear from young Catholics. It may well be that Quebec differs from the rest of the Western world.

  4. 4
    SUZANNE Says:

    I do not believe he did share his Body and Blood with Judas. But aside from Judas, all of them were one with Jesus at the Last Supper.

    At the Last Supper, didn’t Jesus emphasize washing of one another’s feet rather than allegiance to a book of dogma as what was necessary for sharing in His meal?

    Jesus said many things, and we must take ALL of them into account. He said things like « He who believes in me shall have eternal life, but he who does not believe will be condemned. »

    And to his apostles he said « He who hears you hears me. » As well as « I will send an Advocate to teach you the Truth ».

    Jesus founded a Church, that is an « assembley », charged with doing a number of things, which includes handing down Divine Revelation, which, yes, includes dogmas, such as homosexual behaviour is wrong. Jesus’ sacrifice made the Jewish ceremonial law of sacrifices as well as the dietary law obsolete– because his mission was not to an earthly kingdom of Israel, but to the whole world, but that does not mean he abolished the natural law, which is still binding by the Noahide Covenant.

    The Church in Quebec is a complete aberration from the rest of English North America. The Church in English North America is undergoing a renewal. In Quebec, it’s dying out more and more. I will tell you why: becuase the Church in Quebec tells people what they want to hear. They do not want to step on toes.

    If you take the whole of Catholic dogma, there will be sections that will be offensive. It always has been the case, it always will be the case. The question is: does the clergy have the guts to teach it? In Quebec, the answer is a resounding NO. The overwhelming majority of clergy in Quebec has zero guts when it comes to teaching those things that les bienpensants find offensive. Even those who have some intestinal fortitude,don’t carry the logic all the way.

    This is why the Church is dying in Quebec: because it requires nothing special of people. If only requires being politcally correct, why be Catholic? You can be politically correct without the sacraments.

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