Canada’s Louise Arbour, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, is currently visiting the Gaza Strip where 80 civilians were killed this month by what the Israelis called a « technical error. »   Madame Arbour asserts that « The violations of human rights in the Palestinian territories are intolerable. »

       Why is it that the Harper government always supports George Bush when the UN votes to criticize Israel?  Are we biased?



  1. 1
    Simon Says:

    Love how the Palestinian’s used « human shields » to protect militants houses from Israeli air strikes. When Kasam Rockets rain down on Israeli citizens — children and civilians mostly. What the f–k is wrong with these people? It’s OK to shoot rockets arbitrarily over the boarder at civilian targets (or not aimed at all?), but the Israeli’s can’t strike back??

  2. 2
    jim Says:

    There are twice as many Jewish voters in the USA as there are Muslim/Islam voters.Therefore in a tight race any part of 6 million Jewish votes Bushy can get his hands on is welcomed especially when his henchmen tell him past performance indicates that the Jewish voter has traditionally gone Democratic as high as 75% at times. However is Harpie such a highly principled person that he doesn’t care there are twice as many Muslim/Islam voters in Canada as there are Jewish voters. On the other hand there are people getting injured or killed on both sides and both are in dire straights. Isn’t it strange that about 8 Arab nations don’t want the Palestinians to remain in their country.And if Israel makes just one error in judgement,their country would be wiped off the map.And isn’t it also strange that DNA tracing has pointed out the Palestinians and Israeli’s are closer to each other than Palestinians are to Arabs.

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