Prime Minister Harper says Quebec is a nation within Canada and all the federalist parties support him.  The PQ leader, Mr. Boisclair, says this is a good and necessary step on the way to Quebec’s independence.  Mr. Duceppe says it does not go far enough.   Some federal Liberals say it goes too far.  Mr. Ignatieff says this is what he’s been saying all along.  Most Canadians seem to support it as long as it does not mean anything for Quebec.

          Is all this hulubuloo just so much semantics as Mr. Dion suggests?  Or is there something serious going on here that could land us all in a constitutional quagmire before we are able to settle it one way or the other?



  1. 1
    Barbara Says:

    Small correction, Neil, Harper said that the Quebecois, the people of Quebec, constitute a nation within a united Canada — not the province.

    Federal government should do what it likes to do best — strike a royal commission to determine the meaning of “nation”. In five years time and at considerable cost, it will come up with a decision that pisses everyone off and there will be a vote to oust whatever party is in power.

  2. 2
    jim Says:

    The UN represents “States” only. “Nations” not admitted.”Countries” are admitted.

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