In view of the fact Benedict insulted Muslims in his recent speech in Germany, then refused to apologize for the contents of his remarks, is it any wonder that millions of Muslism are now massing in Instanbul to protest the Pope’s imminent visit.  Further many Vatican officials oppose Turkey joining the EU because it is an infidel nation.  Considering these factors is now an appropriate time for the Pope to be visiting Turkey.  Except for more religious animosity what does such a visit accomplish?



  1. 1
    jim Says:

    Tell the turkey to stay out of Turkey.Doesn’t he know that God’s universe includes infidels.How else would we know what not to do (in one’s own opinion)if we had no way of measuring right from wrong.Let the Pope eat turkey – and stay home.

  2. 2
    Barbara Says:

    There are more sides to this issue than you let on, Neil. If I am not mistaken, the Pope is going to touch base with Orthodox churchmen and to support Roman and Uniate Christians who are living in a predominantly Muslim society. He has spoken often of the need for reciprocity, that Christians are free to worship according to their tradition in Muslim societies just as Muslims are free to workship according to their tradition in the West.
    I think he is brave to make this trip, all things considered. Let’s pray for his health and safety and that he is able to mend any broken fences.

  3. 3
    jim Says:

    On second thought, let me count the ways where his Holiness might cause this politically fragile nation to think « crusade » if he missteps and may well he will. Item – his Regensburg speech where he insulted over a billion Muslims.

    1)Prime Minister Erdogan will be out of town when the Pope visits.What will the Pope say or not say about that?
    2)Gul the second in command has offered to meet the Pope. The Pope refused. Now who will the Pope choose to be his greeter?
    3)The strongest say in Turkey is said by the military, one of the main reasons why the EU is tardy in allowing Turkey full membership.
    4)I pray he doesn’t use the word « ecumenical » it’s « crusade speak »
    5) I pray he doesn’t ask for permission to pray at the Aya Sofya, formerly a Roman Catholic Church, thence Muslim Mosque, now museum.
    6)I pray that he limits any dialogue to
    a more profound apology to the Muslims of the world, for his previous errant speech.
    7)Finally, he should have gone to Lebanon, 40% Catholic 35% Muslim
    and thank them for showing the world
    that their efforts in cooperation is recognized. Whilst he was there he could look into the disenfranchised children in the case where mothers who are not Lebanese, but the husbands are, the offspring of whom are denied citizenship.If I remember correctly the Head of State is a Christian.
    Yes, I’ll pray for his Holiness to just move his lips and let God give him the words.

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