Let’s have a litle fun before the day is over and pick who we think will win and who we would like to win.  The significance of the first round of balloting is that Ignatieff stalled and Dion miraculouly passed Kennedy by two votes.  That could make all the difference.  Here’s my own analysis for what it is worth.   Ignatieff has peaked and is effectively finished.  Dion has plenty of room to grow and so does Rae.  I be;ieve it will be Rae against Dion on the last ballot. I am hoping against hope that Dion squeaks in but if I had to bet money I would put it on Rae as he next Liberal leader. What are your predictions?



  1. 1
    Barbara Says:

    I LOVE Canadian political conventions — they are so open and political in all the best sense of the term. You see multitudes of individuals moving in one direction or another; you see the faces of elation and defeat behind all the spin; you see allegiances flow with the donning of scarves.
    Neil, I think your analysis is spot-on. I would still prefer Dion to win in the end, but it may not happen. Rae carries bad vibes in Ontario and he changed parties, so I am a bit wary of him. Dion is obviously a man of character and ideals and intelligence.

  2. 2
    Barbara Says:

    At the moment I write this, it looks like Dion will take it. I think a final vote of Ignatieff vs Dion was a godsend for Dion. It would have been tougher against Rae.

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