Most of the talk around the convention speculated there will be an election no later than next June some time after the budget in the spring/  The rest of the talk was about whether Dion could beat Harper.  Both are smart; both are strategists;  and both have strong teams.  Dion might have two advantages: he knows the environmental file and the unity file far better than Harper.  And they would well be the key issues in a spring election.  Granted Dion does not have much charisma but then neither does Harper.  Harper is sinking in Quebec.  Dion is well liked in the rest of  Canada.  Granted it would be a tight race and would liklu result in another minority but my guess is Dion would win.  What’s your?  Does the fact Dion is another leader from Quebec make any difference?  Should it?



  1. 1
    jim Says:

    Comments – –
    In spite of what the last three head honchos wearing separatist stripes have uttered, there is not a chance in hell that there will ever be another referendum on the subject of separation thay know it’s dead -The last try using every political trick in the book including lack of clarity on the ballot question didn’t work – Separatists rushed the 1995 election into play – people were confused – What’s different? The gentler, kinder swing voters in Quebec now know what is going on – Readership, TV and radio attention to news is up – People are wiser in spite of French CBC being loaded with separatists – Dion will do well in Quebec – Why – I’m glad you asked
    – Most citizens in this Province (Excludes East End Montreal) have an eye for smart asses – Guess who they would pick in between Harper and Dion
    as the man having the most passion
    when they both knock on the doors of
    soft separatists. Who will they spot as the man from ‘chez nous’.PS Make all the other provinces ‘Nations’.
    Equal rights right? Nuff said

  2. 2
    Barbara Says:

    Dion hands down. Charisma schmarisma! There’s something inherently warm, sincere, intelligent and passionate about Dion. I think that is charisma. Harper has the charisma of a can of tuna fish.
    Dion will grow on people. I have listened to various interviews with him and he comes over very well. And he is the man the people have chosen and not the man the power elite have chosen. That is definitely in his favour.
    There is something that can appeal to young voters in Quebec who are very concerned about the environment. And, as Jim pointed out, people here can detect a smart ass a mile away. He may have alienated a segment of the population, but he is not to be underestimated. The Bloc lost seats to the Conservatives last time around. They won’t this time.

  3. 3
    SUZANNE Says:

    Harper will win a majority government. Dion’s English is horrible, but he does not have the charisma of Jean Chretien. Harper does alright in French.

    Although I think Dion would put up a better fight against separatists.

  4. 4
    Vladimir Says:

    Seeing as everybody seems to support the election of M.Dion, I maybe should throw my weight behind Harper.

    In the interests of balance obviously…

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