Later today the Commons will debate whether to revisit the same sex marriage issue.  Two parties, the BQ and the NDP are committed to vote in favour of same sex marriage.  The Conservatives  (most of whom oppose it) can vote freely as they like.  Should Stephane Dion allow the Liberal a free vote?  Why in the world is this bag of bones being brought up again.? The courts of the country have ruled that same sex marriage is legal.  Sixty per cent of Canadians support same sex marriage, 33 per cent oppose it.  Is this Mr. Harper’s way of throwing an empty bone to his right wing red necks?   Does this debate have anything to do with the nature of marriage?  Isn’t it all about gay Canadians obtaining their charter rights?


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    jim Says:

    I support same sex union but not same sex marriage.I belong to a marriage club. Joining this club requires applying in pairs of one male and one female. All others form your own club, ie « The Joint Union Club », no bun intended. Enjoy…

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