One of the people the cameras followed around at the Liberal convention was Justin Trudeau.  Exactly why is a mystery to me.  He is in his mid-thirties and is still trying to become a school teacher.   What exactly has he accomplished?  He is often asked if he plans to run for parliament.  But he’s never run for dog catcher.  What is all the fuss about? would there be cameras and media questions if his name were Justin Jones?



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    Barbara Says:

    Obviously not if his name were Justin Jones. He is celebrity by virtue of his name and his appearance and his eulogy at his father’s funeral. People yearn for the nostalgic, for the idealistic early days of Pierre Eliot Trudeau. Justin doesn’t seem to mind the attention either.

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    jim Says:

    ‘Would there be cameras and media questions if his name were Justin Jones?’
    Sure, why not,look at Gerard Who?
    What Justin has will get him the Prime Ministership after Kennedy who in turn will be after Dion.Justin was a schoolteacher at UBC. High profile situations included being a panelist on CBC’s “Canada Reads” series. Rather than chasing dogs he was chasing the airheads at the UN about the Darfur Crises.Also his connections, garnered from his father, allowed Justin to give voice to what General Dallaire had to say about Darfur.I believe he is presently earning his MA at McGill. I liked his retort when asked about Iggy’s plans for a Quebec nation “it was based on smallness of thought”. Finally, I’ve never heard of a politician announcing his/her candidacy so far ahead of time.Enjoy your hanging chad.

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