Stephane Dion was born in France of a French mother.  He is, therefore, a French as well as a Canadian citizen.  As possibly a future Prime Minister should he retain dual citizenship?  Suppose. with Dion as PM, Canada got into a serious dispute with France.  Would not Dion be seen in a conflict of interest.  When Michaele Jean became Governor General she had to give up her Haitian citizenship.  She has only symbolic power.  Dion would ha ve real power.  Isn’t that an even stronger argument for him to relinquish his French citizenship? 



  1. 1
    Eastern Bastard Says:

    When have we ever had a serious dispute with France? Over what would we have a serious dispute over? And finally, has there been anyone who has done more for a country and its unity over the past decade than Stephane Dion. I cannot believe people are questioning his loyalty. John Turner was a duel British-Canadian citizen during his preme-ministership and it didn’t cause any probems so I don’t see why Stephane’s citizenship should be.

  2. 2
    jim Says:

    I believe Dion was born in Quebec City of a Franco-France mother.With apologies to his mother,and with his mother’s understanding and blessing, he will drop his duality avec regret.They’re out there, it doesn’t matter what he does, those jerks whose melons are double parked, will shout out a lot of nonsence. Every time they utter a word, they subtract from the fountain of human knowledge. Salute.

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    Barbara Says:

    As Jim so pungently put it, there any number of jerks out there who will make something out of nothing as leverage against Dion. If it is true that Turner had dual citizenship, then why should Dion not retain his? I have heard there are many members of Parliament with various dual citizenships — they should recuse themselves on any vote taken that involves their other country of citizenship or else be pressured to given up their second citizenship.
    Many Canadians retain dual citizenship and would be sympathetic to Dion’s sentimental connection to France through his mother.
    I hope he hangs tough.
    I can’t help think that there is wisdom in the US Constitutional stipulation that Presidents must be born in the USA (or its possessions) and that dual citizenship is, in general, frowned upon in that country.

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