Dead as in defunct for good.  Even that great social conservative, Stephen Harper, says his government will never touch it again with a ten foot pole.  The argument that same sex marriage is a threat to traditional marriage has now been demolished for good.  It is one thing to claim from religious conviction or history, that opposite-sex marriage is the only moral and practical choice.  But to claim that allowing gays and lesbians to marry each other undermines happily married straight couples verges on the absurd.

Still it has been a long journey – leading to this week’s vote. to equality of rights, to social harmony and pride.   Not just gay pride;  pride in a fair and generous country.



  1. 1
    Barbara Says:

    What I find curious and counterproductive is the assertion from those opposing gay marriage that they will withdraw their votes from the Conservative Party in the next election. Just how will that put their agenda forward???????

  2. 2
    SUZANNE Says:

    As long as the Catholic Church says it’s not dead, it’s not dead. That’s one thing about these controversies. When the Church decides to fight, the fight goes on.

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