Until recently American lay Catholics who officiated at Mass were permitted to cleanse the Mass vessels after Communion.  Naturally word of this got to Rome.  After a meeting with senior cardinals the Pope cancelled this permission.

        At a time when thousands of parishes lack priests and more thousands are dying of Aids and war in Iraq, the head of the Church worries about who does the dishes after communion. Is it any wonder more and more ordinary Catholics are giving up on the institutional church?



  1. 1
    Barbara Says:

    If anyone stopped going to church because there were no layfolk « washing the dishes », their faith was shallow indeed. You have to prioritize your battles.
    I do agree that hierarchy doesn’t seem as concerned with the same issues that concern the majority of the laity — issues of social justice and peace and environment. That, I find, is truly sad. We could use some intelligent theology to guide us in this area.
    I recall a priest I heard on vacation once long ago who commented that if we discovered the « perfect » church, it would not be the one Christ founded. Look at the starting materials! St. Paul spoke of finding treasure in earthen vessels. If we find that the Church is a « crock », then we should be comforted that there is treasure somewhere hidden nearby.

  2. 2
    jim Says:

    Blessed are the big wheels for they shall forever go in circles.If the pope goes back to washing dishes does that mean he won’t have time to wash feet.

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