Years after her death theories still abound about what happened to Princess Di:  she was the victim of an M16 plot;  the establishment wanted to conceal that she was pregnant; Mohamed el Fayed claims powerful figures wanted to prevent her from marrying his son, a Muslim.  Now it emerges that the American Secret Service (without the permission of M16)was tapping into her telephone calls the night she died or was killed.  Do you think there is any truth in these allegations or did she die because her driver was drunk?



  1. 1
    Barbara Says:

    Jeez Louise, of course it is the American’s fault. EVERYTHING is, duh!

  2. 2
    jim Says:

    Princess Di aka Diana,Princess of Wales
    The facts and only the facts boil down to 4 people in a car traveling too fast with the driver, Henri Paul, former French MI6 type, who was under the influence of a drinky-poo, brushed against a white car in a tunnel in Paris and veered into pillars holding up the roof of the tunnel,a situation that would not have passed the highway code in North America. The code here calls for barriers to protect the pillars. The only survivor,Trevor Rees-Jones was the only one wearing a seat belt. The white car or the driver, by the way, have never been found. Di wasn’t pregnant. All countries, including friendlies, tap each others lines. These days agrnts can surf the airways and listen to telephone conversations. When done from the Embassy they can’t be touched.Forget about those Brit scandal sheets. Well on the other hand they do a good job covering the bottom of birdcages. Sad to say Di appeard to have a borderline mental disorder.In her happier moments she helped Ottawa lay down a worldwide unexploded landmine protocol which to this day is still saving lives. I recall her sitting on a bed in a hospital holding the hand of an oldtimer to prove to the world that the aids he has was not contagious.
    Anyhow a major investigative report is due out in early 2007,rehashed by an Anglo/French civilian committee. The report may be news but it won’t contain news. 30

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