Stephen Harper plans to introduce a complex formula whereby Canadian voters would have a say in the election of Senators.   Instead of this scotch tape approach would it not make a lot more sense to have a national debate on whether we should have a senate at all.  My guess is thata referendum on the senate would vote to abolish it.  What evidence is there that debate in the Senate improves legislation originating in the Commons?


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    Jim Says:

    I notice that there are no comments on this subject, possibly because any suggested solution would be made redundant by the commitments made to some provinces in the past, ie British North America Act, Manitoba Act, Newfoundland and Labrador Act etc. But at the same time I don’t like the idea of Senators not being elected. A half measure may work. Alberta elected four Senators and put them up to Harper to recommend to the Governor-General that the elected Senators be appointed to the Senate. This shuffling would fulfill the conditions of the Canadian Constitution in its present form.
    Was Diefenbaker mocking the Senate the day he put up the train conductor
    who worked the train Dief often travelled on, to the Senate?

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