The Quebec government has just given $15,000 to each of the 1700 adult orphans still alive who were abused physically and emotionally mostly by priests and nuns of the Catholic church simpy because the orphans were illegitimate.   The orphans were cruelly treated as little more than indentured slaves.  Many of them still feel that the Catholic church was primarily responsible for their daily sufferring.

             Isn’t it time for the church to make some compensation or at the very least make an official apology for the sins committed on these helpless children?  So far as I am aware such an apology has been refused time after time by curch authorities.  Why? 


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    Jim Says:

    Unfortunately, if the penguins apologize the church can be sued.Some day when I meet Jesus He is going to have some explaining to do.In those days the priests and nuns had absolute power and as we know power corrupts absolutely,

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