As Christmas approaches, the thought occurs it has not been a sterling year for many of the world’s rulers.  Three years ago George Bush began a disastrous pre-emptive war against Iraq.  He now says it is up to the Iraqis to sort out the mess themselves.   Tony Blair backed Bush to the hilt on his (Blair’s) understanding that Bush would get serious about the Palestinian problem.  Bush didn’t.  The Pope insulted the Muslim world, then blamed them for getting upset.   Harper promised he wouldn’t touch income trusts, then over night wrecked them.   Michael Ignatieff thought a foreign academic pedigree was enough. It wasn’t.  Charest started to turn things around but is it too late?  Maybe not. Boisclair is the Liberal leader’s strongest card.  Let’s hope next year is better.

        My wife and I are off on the train this morning for Christmas with family in Kingston. Back here on Tuesday at the old stand.  

         Here’s wishing you all a happy holiday season.   Cheers.  Neil



  1. 1

    happy christmas everybody

  2. 2
    Barbara Says:

    Have a marvelous Christmas, Neil! Be sure to allow yourself time for the Reality of the Event to sink in.

  3. 3
    Cate McB Says:


    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
    The life journey continues & I find that wonderful surprises still happen thankfully, despite all the things wrong in this world. I’m looking forward to the awesome mysteries that will be unfolding in 2007 for all of us.

    Cheers & Best Wishes to all, Cate

  4. 4
    Jim Says:

    Hi Neil:-
    Just got back from Sutton.If you had company like we had you must have had a wonderful time. Seasons greetings to Catharine, you and everyone on your blog.

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