If the current verdict is carried out, Saddam Hussein will soon be hanged by the neck until he is dead.  There are many reasons why this sentence should be commuted to life in prison. There are many questions about how fair his trial was and how politicized it was.  How will another act of violence by state murder help to end the violence in Iraq?  Iraq must change and rejecting Saddam’s murder would be a good place to start.  Let Iraq’s future be based on due process andf equal protection of the law, not the crack of a hangman’s rope.



  1. 1
    Jim Says:

    Don’t hang him. Tie him to the rear bumper of a car and drag his bod over a stoney gravel road, but don’t let him die as we wan’t to do it again the next day, and so on. No, these despots have a habit of coming back and biting you in the ass by returning to power. Remember the mulah who lived in Paris for years and came back to Iran. How about Napolian.And then there was Duplessis.

  2. 2
    SUZANNE Says:

    Napoleon came back because he wasn’t exiled far enough.

    I say we build Saddam an igloo in the Arctic and let him freeze.

    I feel uneasy about hanging him, even if he is a scumbag. How much damage can he do if he’s locked up?

    Osama bin Laden, on the other hand…I’d feel less reluctant. He doesn’t need an army and a state apparatus to cause a lot of damage.

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