We are at a time in the history of the West when challenges to our heritage and values arise in a global context — rather than from within as they did so toxically in the 20th century. Whether from within or without, the centre must hold, and it must hold over milleniums.

        With all the ambiguities, contradictions and caveats, it is the Roman Catholic Church that has held for the West.    William Thorsell, Globe and Mail.     

William Thorsell is director and CEO of the Royal Ontario Museum.



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    jim Says:

    The church was made by the hand of God. The church did not contain buildings or religions. It was strictly storefront spirituality.The
    mottos could have been « do unto others as I would like to have them do unto me. » « Look after the have- nots. » Unfortunately the caretakers had taken to killing God’s children by way of crusades, assassinations, inquisitions,excommunications and threats(poor Galileo) The caretakers have to get back to first century spirituality. For openers, they get rid of the costumes and garb themselves in the fashion of Jesus or modern monks. Then and only then will the congregation congregate around those who have answered the calling. When the faithful see that there is a new beginning,they might even forgive centuries of un-God-like behavior. Yes, the Roman Catholic church may look good, better or best, but it’s only because most other institutions have fared worse.The caretakers can’t fathom how much angst there is amongst the believers about how many things just don’t seem to look right. Anyhow, I must remember that the Kingdom of God is within me and when things get really bad, it’s just God and me. Right?

  2. 2
    Vladimir Says:

    Th ‘challenges’ to the West have always been within a global context.

  3. 3
    Vladimir Says:

    The ‘challenges’ to the West have always been within a global context.

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