The parents of a severely mentally and physically disabled child have used medicine (hormones) and surgery (hysterectomy) to keep her small so that she will be more comfortable and easier to care for at home (which the parents do).  Can it be justified eithically to treat severe mental and physical problems by medically putting the child into a permament c hildhood state? Ashley goes to a school for the disabled and her parents consider her a blessing, not a burden.



  1. 1
    jim Says:

    Yes it can be justfied ethically as long as it’s the parents who are put into a childhood-like state.That way the rest of us will be around to make sure that a child, who can still attend school in spite of having been mutilated, is a child we can take to Disneyland to get what she certainly wouldn’t get at home – FUN AND SMILES

  2. 2
    Cate McB Says:

    Sterilization of the disabled, foot-binding, making the child in question smaller or whatever so that she can be allegedly cared for better by parents — to me, these are all-in-the-same-ballpark examples of mutilation and as such, they are never ethically justified. Cate McB

  3. 3
    SUZANNE Says:

    Yeah, what Cate said.

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