About 30 years ago Stanislaw Wielgus was a student at the University of Munch while Cardinal Ratzinger was a professor there.  Late this fall Benedict XVI appointed Wielgus Archbishop of Warsaw, the premier diocese in Poland.  On the day Weilgus was to take possession of his  cathedral, crowded with civil and ecclesiastical dignitaries, he stoosd up and in a short note to the Pope submitted his resignation as Archbishop of Warsaw and sat down to cheers and jeers. 

       What happened?  Rumours which had circulated for a long time were confirmed by written documents.  Wielgus was one of the minority of the Catholic clergy who  agreed to inform on his colleagues in the clergy to the communists. 

  As soon as this information was confirmed Pope Benedict cancelled Wielgus’ appointment to Warsaw. This is very curious since the appointment of bishops is done with great care.

  In the United Sttes and other countries the cover-up was over child abuse. In Poland the cover-up is over clergy informants.  Is this the end of the cover-ups?



  1. 1
    Paul Geraghty Says:

    Neil – of course it’s not the end of the cover-ups. If it were then the kingdom – of truth and love and justice – might truly have arrived. It will be business as usual I fear.

  2. 2
    Barbara Says:

    I give the dude credit for using a very public moment to resign and the Pope credit for accepting it so rapidly.
    These cover-ups are indeed pathetic and reprehensible, but why do we expect our clergy to be any better than we are? There is a sadness in that expectation.

  3. 3
    jim Says:

    Rev Janusz Bielanski major domo of Warsaw’s largest cathedral also resigned for the same reason as the Archbishop’s. Based on history, these same clergy were the ones who denigrated the Jews for decades prior to WWll and the citizens picked up on it and did untold harm to millions of Jews during WWll. This mean streak is still there in Poland. It’s all because of the clergy. Otherwise the Polish people are some of the finest people walking on this earth.

  4. It is a wonder that no one is questioning the origins of the documents that supposetly « prove » Archbishop Wielgus’ fault. All these documents were produced in communist era that was mark by deciet, lies and manipulations. Do they really deserve any form of credibility? Is it possible at all that Archbishop Wielgus had fallen a vitim to ati-catholic sentiment in Poland?

  5. 5
    Barbara Says:

    While anything is possible, EC, I doubt that the Archbishop was a complete victim. He admitted that he had collaborated with the Communists, for whatever reason. If the Communists were seeking to discredit the Church, then why was his collaboration kept a secret for so long? It would seem that appearing to have the Church on your side would do more to discredit the Church at a time when the Church was seen as a body in opposition to the Communist regime.
    All people make grave errors — even priests, nuns and archbishops. If we view the professional churchfolk as our brothers and sisters, subject to the same fallibility as we are, but commissioned with a special role within the Body of Christ, we can more readily understand, forgive and move on. Some failures require a readjustment of one’s job description, though.

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