The population of Baghdad is about six million.  The two keys to Bush’s new plan are 22,000 more troops and the cooperation of the Iraqi Prime Minister, Malaki.  What difference can 22,000 troops make in a densely populated city of 6 million with block to block hand to hand fighting.  In addition, Malaki is opposed to almost evertything Bush wants to do.  Especially he does not want to take on Sadar City.  Is this other than a suicidal plan throwing more money and more good men after more good men.



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    Trouffel Says:

    Iraq is now in a state where most don’t have the stomach to deal with the issue. Bush is trying to deal with it, but completely wrongly. The violence and fear is feeding off itself and no-one is backing down. The idea of peace in Iraq has become anathema. It’s very probable that the fact that Iraq has been involved in three major wars in the region means the neighbouring countries are either not prepared to give lasting support or are intervening expediently. How to get these countries to allay the caustic forces on the country is crucial.

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    jim Says:

    The US is noted by all, except its citizens, for taking foreign actions that are not in favour with the majority of the population. The theory has been, lets just do it and then the suckers will follow like sheep. And sure enough. The attitudes change to « well now that they are there let’s give them our best support. The politicians, 99% of whom do not have any children in harms way, smile, wink, and nudge nudge.There are over 3000 military men and women killed, but they’re ok. They’re in good hands. The families left behind are the ones who grieve. But what about the 20,000 military who were injured and will bear scars visible to their loved ones for the rest of their lives. Don’t let me get going on this disaster.

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