Hillary Clinton

Hillary’s in and she’s in to win.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Hillary has a lot of money and a lot of political muscle.  But she has three weaknesses and they may  be fatal.  She’s a woman, she’s carrying a lot of baggage  e.g. health policy and even many of her supporters don’t think she can win.  In a race with Senator McCain many who plan to vote for her still figure she will lose.

       She herself believes it may be harder to win the nomination than the White House.  In a field of nobodies there are two long shots but only one real contender, Senator Obama.  He is a fresh face and Americans seem to be looking for a fresh face.  Then there are two long shots in the Democratic pack.  John Edwards could come down the middle if the two heavies knock each other off.  Gore might make a difference were he to decide to run.   Hillary has a lot of decisions to make that Obama doesn’t like what does she do with Bill.   Right now if I had some extra cash, I wouldn’t bet Hillary.


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