This is Tobacco Free Week.  It is estimated the Quebec government spends $30 million a year to reduce smoking.  We know smoking interferes with the work place, costs millions in health costs and kills thousands of people  If smoking cigarettes costs so much in lives etc. why does the government not spend money to help people take courses to stop and forbid the sale of cigarettes entirely.   Wouldn’t that save lives and money in the long term?



  1. 1
    Paul Geraghty Says:

    And how much do they rake in from taxes?

  2. 2
    Barbara Says:

    Then anyone needing to feed their addiction to nicotine would resort to contraband cigarettes, enriching the pockets of those dealing in illegal traffic. Nice.

  3. 3
    Alien Says:

    I hate cigarette smoke, it literally drives me crazy with anger and rage. I have a smoke problem in our appartment building, how do I expect smokers to think about my health when they can’t even think of their own. I have nothing against people that smoke, it’s their smoke in my lungs that drives me insane. Other than that life is great. Take a deep breath of this cold fresh air we are having. xox

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