A leading candidate for the French presidency, Segolene Royal, told PQ leader Andre Boisclair that she supports the independence of Quebec.  Does a foreign citizen have any right to pronounce on Quebec’s constitutional status?  Does Boisclair have any right to boast about it?  Might it help Royal’s campaign if she apologized?



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    Paul Geraghy Says:

    I thank God for people with the moral and pastoral courage of Cardinal Martini. The issues at stake are complex and vey sensitive. What people never seem to question is the extreme lengths we often go to to prolong life at any cost. Surely it is at least legitimate to ask the question whether that is always in acord with God’s will. Whatever one’s opinion about the morality of withdrawing life support or the merits of this paricular case it seem to me once agan that the church has acted in a deeply unpastoral way to protect the « sanctity » of its moral law. That in itself is a deeply immoral act.

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    Something got out of whack.

    The aboive comment of Paul’s should be attached to the post on Euthanasia/

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