Partly as a result of faulty information sent to American police, Maher Arar, found himself in a dank Syrian prison where he was severely torotured on a daily basis.  He did not expect to emerge alive.   What does Canada owe Mr. Arar for a mistake that caused him and his family so much physical and emotional anguish?.  What yardstick should apply? Others have been imprisoned for long periods unlawfully.  Today the prime minister apolologized to Mr. Arar and presented him with $10,5000 of tax payers money.  Do you think the settlement was fair?



  1. 1
    Barbara Says:

    I believe that is up to Mr. Arar to determine. From what I heard on the radio today, he is relieved and in good spirits. It is not the end of his problems, but it is some ray of hope.

  2. 2
    Cate McB Says:

    I agree with Barbara. The fairness of the reward is up to Mr. Arar to determine. He may or may not be able to work again in his chosen field, he’s not allowed to enter the U.S., he’s suffering through the results of torture and his family has also suffered and has to endure whatever after-effects are theirs to bear. Cate McB

  3. 3
    Alien Says:

    The settlement is fair, but unfortunately we are all paying for this settlement, while those responsible for all of this misinformation leading to this problem, aren’t even fired, this is what really burns my nerves. Another great example of Canada and freedom, where have the days gone, when I was proud to be Canadian. To think my Grandfather lost his legs in the WWII for people to pass misinformation without consequences to them today.

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