Seldom, if ever, have I seen an entire nation spontaneously pay tribute to a simple priest.  Abbe Pierre spent most of his 94 years in France helping the poor, the homeless, the unemployed and all those he came across on the fringes.   He had a simple message:  « The true peacemakers are those who open themselves to universal consciousness. »  President Chirac said his death « touched the very heart of France. »   The president, his government, various elites, the poor and the homeless attended his funeral presided over by the Cardinal Archbishop of Paris.  

       The response of every layer of society to the life and work of this simple priest says much about what the laity see as authentic in a priest.  He gave of himself, he did not count the cost and advancements and honours were not what he or others judged himself by.  The fact that he was intimate with several women did not in any way diminish the repute in which he was held at least by lay people. 

     Abbe Pierre was called « the little father of the poor. » RIP 



  1. 1
    Barbara Says:

    God writes straight with crooked lines, as they say. I love the way Julian of Norwich put it: By contrition we are made clean; by compassion, ready; and by a genuine longing for God, worthy. … By these medicines it is necessary for every soul to be healed. Though healed, the soul’s wounds are still seen by God, not as wounds, but as honourable scars. … The troubles and sorrows, caused by our perversity, the Lord Jesus takes, and lifts up to heaven where they are transformed to things of delight and pleasure greater than heart can think or tongue can tell. And when we get there ourselves we shall find them waiting for us changed into things of beautiful and eternal worth.
    RIP, Abbe Pierre.

  2. 2
    Cate McB Says:

    The Independent quotes him as having said:
    « It is in total serenity that I think of death. »

    Way to go! & RIP, Abbe Pierre.

  3. 3
    jim Says:

    Abbe Pierre,made a grand officer of the Order of Quebec by the Quebec separatists.Hero of the French resistance. On his death was ignored by the Pope and the L’Osservatoire Romano. Saved many Jews during WWll.Denied the holocaust later.Founded Emmaues to help the poor. Does anyone remember his famous plea in a radio broadcast of 1954 when the poor people of Paris were dying on the streets due to a freak winter blast that lasted for weeks.Yep I liked this guy and « his duty of instinct of measured insolence » He is free now.

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