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février 17, 2007

This Sunday the  bishops of Ireland ar writing a letter to their flock urging them to cut down or cut out drinking alcohol. 

 Would you say the message in this letter is loaded with hope or despair?   



février 16, 2007

Some months ag0 four Christian workers  were kidnapped in Iraq. One was killed, the other three,  including the Canadian, Don Loney, were released.  The trial for murder is now beginning.  The three witnesses have refused  to tesify about anything relating to murder although they will testify to other matters.  All three areopposed to capital punishment.The courts ae trying to force them to testify. What is their duty? 


février 15, 2007

« Deadly and sophisticated bombs from Iran are killing US troops in Iraq, US President George Bush said yesterday, adding, ‘I intend to do something about it.’

     « Does that mean you’re trying to have a pretext for war? »

      « No, it means I’m trying to protect our troops. »

 Is there any reason we should believe Bush on this?  Wouldn’t precise bombing on Iran’s uranium potential take the world’s mind off Iraq and highight Bush the strong man?  He led us down the garden path on Iraq.  Why believe him on Iran?


février 13, 2007

Archbishop Raymond Roussin has warned his Vancouver flock against the use of Telus cellphones because Telus has decided to offer its customers pornographic photos and videos. Archbishop Roussin says he is considering cancelling contacts with Telus.  These mobile devices cannot get into hands of minors. The content is legal for download in Canada. 

        Why should one denomination try to forbid another denomination from seeing material which is legal?


février 12, 2007

Do you think we should take climate change seriously or is it a joke.   The biggest problem is gas emissions all over the world.  What are we doing about it?  Practically nothing.  What could we do?  Force car pooling.   Limit trip to certain length.  Think of your own restrictions as there were during the war.  Either we accept these rules or our worry about climate change i s so much gas


février 11, 2007

Now that Barack Obama has thrownh is hat in he ring, his opponents are racking up his negatives:  why he can’t possibly win.  They are three:  too black, too inexperienced and too uninformed in military and foreign affairs.  These are heavy weights to carry around.  Is it likely the United States would elect it first black man in the tail end of a devisive war.  Would it not make more sense for Obama to run next time around and leve this time for Hillary?


février 10, 2007

Reportedly Karla Homolka has just given birth to  a child at St. Mary’s Hospital.  She was partly responsible for the death of her own sister.  However, she has done her time for that offense.  Of course it is not a crime for her to become a mother.  The real question is whether or not she should have h right to raise this child.  If not her, who should raise the child and who should decide?


février 7, 2007

A major American publisher has just cancelled a book by O.J. SImpson describing how he would have murdered his wife and her friend.  A small Montreal publisher is now considering making a offer for the worldwide English language right for the publication of If I did it ,Here’ how it happened.  Herbert Becker, the Montreal publisher believes Simpson’s « book will have tremendous selling power. »  Despite the obnoxious subject matter does this book deserve to be published under the banner of freedom of speech.?


février 6, 2007

An Italian Daily has rumoured that the Pope plans to make an announcement on a change in the policy on contraception possibly as early as this month.  This much is certain.  Cardinal Barragan of Mexico has completed the first stage of a review on contraception in the church.  Cardinal Daneels of Belgium said that using s condom in a conjungal situation to protect against Aids is morally different than using one for birth control.  The Pope’s own theologian, Cardinal Cottier, argues that the Roman Catholic « theology  of life » could be used to justify lifting the ban (to prevent death from Aids)  Cardinal Martini, a candidate for the papacy. said a married person with HIV was « obliged » to protect his or her partner from the disease.

        It is reckoned that 40 million people are HIV positive and that 8,000 die from Aids a day.  Surely it is time for a philosophy of life.


février 5, 2007

As of now teen offenders (13-17) are treated more leniently than adult offenders.  The Harper government is strong on law and order.  They are about to introduce legislation that would make youth sentences heavier, jail time longer and remove the discretion the judge has to fit the sentence to the crime.  In this new system they would carry a criminal record through adulthood.   This is the system in place in parts of United Stastes.  There is no evidence whatever that this heavy law and order for the young reduces crime, by keeping young people in hardened jails, it may even increase.  Is this another example of Harper imitating Bush?