Prince Charles with Camilla and 20 friends flew from London to New York where the prince was given an award for his many years of effort to the environmental movement.  Many green activists in Britain claim the prince’s decision to fly with such a large group is an example of « green hypocrisy ».   Instead he should  have done the whol thing by video link.  I guess there are extremists onboth sides.



  1. 1
    Barbara Says:

    I suppose you have to give old Chuck some credit for carpooling with his entourage of friends and flunkies. I would hardly call their critique extremist, though. Airplane travel is one of the greatest sources of ozone depletion. If we are to think seriously about healing our planet, then we should reduce our air travel as much as possible. Why could he not have flown over on a British Airways flight? Surely he can afford someone to stand in line for him and pass his shoes over to the security guard to check for liquid explosives.

  2. 2
    Alien Says:

    I also acknowledge that atleast there was a whole group together, it would have been very hypocritical, if he was all alone on a big plane. Unfortunately I feel sometimes that even if he wasn’t on the plane, it would have been in the air anyways. I have always been intrigued by the fact that planes are closer to the ozone and if they cause more damage to it, like as if the emitting pollution doesn’t have time to disperse and attacks the ozone more distructively than a car on the road, example, ever be behind a big polluting truck with black smoke coming out as it starts moving at a traffic light, does it ever stink, but after a while it disperses and stinks less. Note I said disperses and not disappears. I think I did see something on TV once about planes harming the ozone because they are so high. I’ve been thinking lately that since everything is a cycle, does global warming lead to global freezing, ex: more heat, more clouds and rain, therefore sooner or later more cooling, then a new ice age, or slush age. Just a thought.

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    Alien Says:

    Forgot to mention about the Space Shuttle and it punching holes in the ozone and burning through it as it accelerates. What damage is done then. But again as usual, this wasn’t what the article was about, ha.

  4. 4
    Sharon Says:

    It would not have mattered how Prince Charles had handled the situation. PEOPLE JUST DON’T LIKE HIM. If he had accepted via video link his critics would’ve complain he didn’t deem the award merited accepting in person.

    How many of us have actually done anything about the envirnment?

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