As of now teen offenders (13-17) are treated more leniently than adult offenders.  The Harper government is strong on law and order.  They are about to introduce legislation that would make youth sentences heavier, jail time longer and remove the discretion the judge has to fit the sentence to the crime.  In this new system they would carry a criminal record through adulthood.   This is the system in place in parts of United Stastes.  There is no evidence whatever that this heavy law and order for the young reduces crime, by keeping young people in hardened jails, it may even increase.  Is this another example of Harper imitating Bush?


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    Alien Says:

    Not sure if it is Harper imitating Bush, but a bit harsher wouldn’t hurt, maybe prolonged probation, so there is more involvement of parents and justice system. Jail is not the answer except for violent crimes but picking up garbage along the TC sounds like a great summer vacation, I mean all summer long, not a weekend. But that would cost money and I believe that this is the real reason, punishement does not reflect the crime. The justice system doesn’t want to spend money putting teenagers in jail, it doesn’t help the bottom line. May I take a few words to use myself as an example, I was not mature until I was way past 18 and did some stupidities, nothing violent, and as I look back upon those days, I feel that mistakes are made without realizing at that moment that they are mistakes. Teenagers are like blinded from reality, and this is why so many die in car accidents, they think they are invulnerable. Putting me in jail was not the answer, but probation and a good father example put me straight. So I don’t think adult jail is the answer, I do think organized sports is. As for being more Americanized, I don’t think Harper needs any lessons from USA to understand that some teenagers are out of control, unfortunately its all about hormones. Violent crimes are another cup of tea, but Adult jails are not the place for teenagers, but a teenagers jail would be, with the right program of restricted rights and work compensation programs would be. Don’t critisize my opinion, but state yours please. xox

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