Reportedly Karla Homolka has just given birth to  a child at St. Mary’s Hospital.  She was partly responsible for the death of her own sister.  However, she has done her time for that offense.  Of course it is not a crime for her to become a mother.  The real question is whether or not she should have h right to raise this child.  If not her, who should raise the child and who should decide?



  1. 1
    Cate McB Says:

    If it’s truly not a crime for her to become a mother than in my mind, it’s not a crime for her to raise the child and at the very least, she should be given the chance to do so. However, I’m assuming that some authority has been checking in with her on a regular basis since her release and now that supervision will include the child and the whole family situation if she has a partner. Maybe now having had a child, she will have even more motivation for her own rehabilitation. Let’s hope so because the alternative is a continuation of the terrible violence and abuse that she herself has suffered and inflicted horrifically on others with the help of Paul Bernardo. Only time will tell …

  2. 2
    alien Says:

    She has the right to be a mother, but I can only imagine how she will tell her child, the right from the wrong. She will not be able to use herself as an example. Even though, what she did was only a part of her life and probably never did anything else wrong, so she could be a good mother. I truly hope that someone doesn’t do to her child, what she did to someone elses child. For her child has nothing to do with the past. I wonder if she never met Bernardo, what her life could have been. We are all so influenceable when we are so young and vulnerable. We learn from our mistakes, but some people do humungous mistakes.

  3. 3
    SUZANNE Says:

    I wouldn’t want her parental rights taken away, but I definitively think Child Welfare (or la DPJ in Quebec) should have their eye on her.

    Can you imagine being the kid’s teacher? Or being a parent whose kid is in the same class? Weeeird. I’d be hesitant to send my kid over to her house to play.

  4. 4
    Sharon Says:

    She should’ve been sterilized when in prison.

  5. 5
    kata Says:

    she has NO rights to be a mother .. Child Welfare (or la DPJ in Quebec) should take the child away from this F**King pyshco ..she should have goten the death sentence .. she is sick twist women and should be lucked up in a cage like a dog ..

  6. 6
    Michelle Says:

    I’m not justifying what Karla did but when we are young and think we are so in love some of us make some really stupid mistakes. Hers going beyond any rational reasoning but no one knows what exactly Karla was going through but Karla. What she did to her sister probably caused some sort of pyschosis at that point. Maybe she is not insane. No one exactly knows but if she’s as horrible and crazy as everyone portrays her to be then she couldn’t just change. She would still be just as sick and twisted. She’s been out 2 years and seems to be living as normal of a life as she possibly can. She might be a great mother. The only way this child could possibly have any chance at a normal life is if they allow Karla to change her name and move where no one knows anything about her. I knew nothing until I picked up the movie « Karla » at Family Video. Then I started reading about her on the internet. I have mixed emotions about the whole thing. I have a 15 yr old daughter and would I want her hanging out at the house of a woman who was convicted of murder and possibly a serial killer??? Not likely. But if Karla was just a pawn in a tragic sick twisted man’s life, Maybe she deserves a chance.

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