Do you think we should take climate change seriously or is it a joke.   The biggest problem is gas emissions all over the world.  What are we doing about it?  Practically nothing.  What could we do?  Force car pooling.   Limit trip to certain length.  Think of your own restrictions as there were during the war.  Either we accept these rules or our worry about climate change i s so much gas



  1. 1
    Barbara Says:

    I wouldn’t want the ordinary Joe and Jane Canuck to carry the entire burden of Climate Change, but we must bear our share. Make sure the major industrial polluters fall in line first. We will pay the price for that in our purchases. Encourage what you can through tax deductions — house insulation costs, environmentally friendlier cars, energy saving research, etc. A final step might be a form of rationing of gasoline. That would force people to make the necessary choices.

  2. 2
    Trouffel Says:

    Climate change is a problem certainly. A major source of gas emission in western countries is industry, as stated but we must be careful not to squeeze our manufacturing sector too much. Many areas of this are already struggling against cheaper production from India, China and other developing countries. If we penalize our own industrial sector too much with regulation, this will make them even less competitive. Displacement by factories in the far east ironically will then do nothing for the environment as it’s unlikely that issues such as climate change will be allowed to retard the industrial growth such countries crave. Look at a google satellite picture of some parts of Shanghai and the ground simply isnt visible due to pollution.

  3. 3
    jim Says:

    If I remember correctly 37% of the pollution in North America is attributable to automobiles. The other 63% is gas emissions from Ottawa. There is no need for any family auto to have to go any faster than 120 km/hr. Secondly, the hybrid car’s engine does not use gas most of the time in city traffic where most of the smog is layed. Change light bulbs, reduce home furnace settings 1 to 3 degrees. When building new homes warm/hot water is availabe 90 feet down at most sites. Install solar panels etc. Laws may have to be enacted. This world is in trouble.

  4. 4
    alien Says:

    Global warming, melting ice packs and glaciers, many people will in time lose the melting glaciers for clean drinking water. When all this is gone, only underground water will be left and probably disappear also or be alot deeper in the ground. So the biggest problem is the green house gases like CO2. Now being an optimist, why can’t somebody invent something that would connect to the end of the exhaust and break down the CO2 to C and O and O, if with an electrical charge they are talking about breaking down water to H and H and O, so all that is left is O, and use it to power a hydrogen motor, it must be possible to do. At worst the Carbon would have to be emptied and the Oxygen could go back into the air. What atom is safe and is strong enough to pull the Carbon atoms away from the Oxygen atoms? I’ll get on it and come back soon. Maybe, that, is the problem, ha.

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