Archbishop Raymond Roussin has warned his Vancouver flock against the use of Telus cellphones because Telus has decided to offer its customers pornographic photos and videos. Archbishop Roussin says he is considering cancelling contacts with Telus.  These mobile devices cannot get into hands of minors. The content is legal for download in Canada. 

        Why should one denomination try to forbid another denomination from seeing material which is legal?



  1. 1
    Barbara Says:

    I don’t understand, Neil. How is this bishop preventing anyone from purchasing or downloading? He has a perfect right to cancel his contract, as does anyone who does not approve of the policies of a given company.
    While pornography is legal, I would do all I could to prevent it from being downloaded on my own computer or mobile device. If I believed Telus could somehow impose pornography on me, I would surely cancel my contract.

  2. 2
    jim Says:

    Archbishop Roussin may know that porno based electronics contributed to Bishop and Priests becoming sexual abusers of boys and girls in Cornwall, Ontario. The scandal has permiated the town and brought it to its knees mainly because the parish clergy has been stonewalling and has managed to postpone the trials for 15 years. Hundreds of lives have been destroyed by their actions.

  3. 3
    alien Says:

    Ok, Ok, enough with the porn everywhere. What ever happenned to OverKill. Everywhere I look there is a pair of boobs in my face. Hello, TELUS, it’s a phone. Oh the mighty advertising dollars. That’s the reason, but who is controlling the porn, it ain’t normal Joe, so it’s some other « organization ». Hey let’s encourage them, eh TELUS. /sarc There is a time and place for everything. BRB….incoming call.

  4. 4

    Barbara, I think one group felt another group was trying to mount a boycott and they objected to that. Neil

  5. 5
    Barbara Says:

    So what’s wrong with a boycott? It is one of the few ways the ordinary folk can make their voices heard in the hallways of big business.

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